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Learn PHP online for beginners

Friends, I have some requests as they want to learn php. In this post I would like to explain basic syllabus or basic flow of learning concepts. This will be useful for beginners. In my earlier posts I have explained the direct concept.

But this post will explain the contents of all concepts and it will cover the basic concepts to advanced concepts.

Learn PHP online for beginners

Learn PHP online for beginners by Anil Kumar Panigrahi

Topics which covered in ….

Introduction to opensource
Basics of HTML
What is PHP , Introduction to LAMP
Installation procedure in Windows, Mac and Linux systems
PHP Basics
Basic scripts
Arrays, Strings and Control structures
Introduction to functions and implementation
Forms, files and directory structure
PHP Dates
Session & Cookie Management
Introduction to DBMS
Installation procedure to MySql
Basics of MySql
More commands using MySql and MySqli
Introduction to OOPS
Implementing the application using OOPS
Introduction to XML and basic structures
Introduction to open-source CMS
Introduction to open-source Shopping Carts
Best practice for secure code structure and threats.

In detail information above in following posts.

Anil Kumar Panigrahi

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