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Why You Need a VPN Chrome Extension – A Beginner’s Guide

Hi all, in the earlier, I have explained how to create Google Chrome app. This is VPN Chrome Extension.

A one-click solution to online privacy and security

Although Chrome is arguably the most secure browser to surf the world wide web with, it is not designed to protect the security and privacy like Tor. This detrimental flaw brings a lot of risks to your online traffic where sensitive information including access to your accounts and behavioral footprints can be tracked. To combat this weakness, an easy and elegant solution is to install a VPN Google Chrome extension. Here are the reasons why you need one.

Why You Need a VPN Chrome Extension – A Beginner’s Guide

Why You Need a VPN Chrome Extension – A Beginner’s Guide – Anil Labs – a Technical blog of Anil Kumar Panigrahi

  • Keeping your traffic to yourself

    Do you value your privacy? You can keep your traffic to yourself when you add extensions to your browser. Your connection will instantly become secure with just a single click. It will also prevent unauthorized entities from monitoring the things that you do when you are online.

  • Better than Incognito Mode

    Though the incognito mode will allow you to keep your browsing private, getting an extension that keeps your traffic private is better. It does not only stop Chrome from tracking your movements but also stops your ISP and DSP provider and other entities from tracking what you do online.

  • Protecting yourself on Chrome

    Stop websites from getting your real IP address and location when you add an extension that specializes in protecting your movements online. It will also stop your online data from leaking out as well. Every time we go online, we are at the risk of being hacked by those who have malicious intent. It is important to get a reliable extension installed on your browser.

    So which provider should you opt for? Here are a few features to look for.

  • Anonymity

    Incognito mode only provides ‘local privacy’ not ‘online privacy’. Your browser developer (Google, for example) still tracks your activity. A VPN Chrome extension that encrypts your traffic can effectively shield you from all prying eyes.

  • Geo-unblocking

    Opt for a browser that has servers all over the world. This will help you bypass geo-restrictions and access content limited to certain countries.

  • Hiding IP address

    Choose a VPN that can effectively hide your real IP from any third-parties – your ISP, the government, DNS servers and the website you visit. Go for a provider that does not keep traffic or connection logs so that not even the VPN knows what you’ve been up to.

For layered protection, you should first get a trusted VPN app and then install also its browser extension to make sure nothing falls through the crack.

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  1. johnmise

    Thanks for these useful tips, I just bought Nordvpn recently and so far have no issues with unblocking restricted sites. I think it’s essential to use a VPN service these days for everyone.

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