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The Mammoth Growth of WordPress

People often love to write and share their thoughts with the world. The sense of achievement is out of this world when someone follows what you wrote or shares it and comments on it. Word Press is one such free tool that allows for open source blogging and in January 2015, it was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites and is currently the most popular blogging system on the World Wide Web.

The Mammoth Growth of WordPress

The Mammoth Growth of WordPress

The idea behind any blog is for it to spread and get as much attention as possible on the internet. People want their content to get positive reviews and views and a good feedback about the ideas they post.

WordPress is an easy to use blog that provides users with a host of features. It automatically syncs all RSS directories along with blog feed directories which is powerful as it generates lots of traffic to the website. Additionally it also helps develop backlinks for the blog over the internet which is received positively by users as it gets more hits to a particular blog.

Word Press does all the hard work for you which on a normal website would take a lot longer to make a website, get it indexed by search engines and then have backlinks to get higher rankings which on Word Press becomes an easier task.

Humans prefer simplicity and organised which saves time and makes work more efficient. This is exactly the advantage Word Press gives by providing Categories which are an empowering method to improve how the website is structured both for the use of humans as well as during search engine optimization which gives it a higher ranking which greatly depends how a website behaves with users and how user friendly its interface is. The articles are categorised not only according to date and time but also with the added benefit of Category. There is a detailed categorisation for the tiniest and most absurd topics available so you know exactly where to place them and this greatly improves how users navigate the tool.

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Viewers can now boil down the search to exactly the topic they want under the category they’re looking which is one of the biggest reasons for Word Press’ extra ordinary growth. Users no longer have to undergo the elaborate task of searching for a particular topic archived weeks or months ago which is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Word Press greatly simplifies this aspect.

Through categorization, better search engine optimization can be reached as each category creates a unique link and every page of your category generates a link. This will greatly increase the rank for a search engine which will discover more back links and a spider like web will be formed with one link leading to the other and so on to get higher and higher ranking on search engine result.

Through categories you will successfully link hundreds of pages giving a much higher search engine ranking. This is not all; Word Press helps create an RSS feed for each category. Compared to a traditional website, this could take months for your page to get indexed and to generate any significant traffic. Just by the added feature of Categories, Word Press greatly simplifies the website increasing traffic many fold making it one of the top used website by users.

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The maintenance of the website is easy as well which is just another advantage in its favour. It makes the website appear as if it’s always being used which is a positive sign as well and people keep coming back to visit it.

With the world of internet constantly expanding it is important to use tools that help you reach your goal and give you simplified working and Word Press does exactly that which is why it was one of the highest websites used in the world and it seems this trend will to grow exponentially!

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