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An email service which protects your privacy

Privacy is very popular topic which was recently raised by many bloggers and Tech sites, so we don’t want to stay behind that, and talk about secure email services.

In one of the interviews, famous Edward Snowden, said that people should not use Dropbox, Google and Facebook, if they really want to stay secure and protect their privacy. It is almost impossible to stay away from such big services. Every second person on the planet has Gmail account, and they also have a personal Facebook page. If people would like to stay secured, they wouldn’t share all their stories on Facebook, right? There are always alternatives (except Facebook we believe).

An email service which protects your privacy

An email service which protects your privacy

All people and especially companies, who use Dropbox to store their files, could switch for example to SpiderOak. Dropbox clients asked million times about security of their files, as no one wants their personal photos to be publicly available to everyone or even a smallest chance of privacy leakage into public sources. They said “All files sent and retrieved from Dropbox are encrypted while traveling between you and our servers”. But they are not encrypted on their servers! SpiderOak does that and have same plans as Dropbox, so why not to switch right now?

Alright, our post was mentioned to be about secure email service. What are the alternatives to Gmail? We have recently found one, it’s called SFLetter. This new email company minimizes the risks of leakage of your private information and it perfectly suits every business as it protects all your attachments and emails. SFLetter is absolutely FREE to use, it has simple interface, and it was developed by one of the biggest technology company in Europe, called StarForce, which works actively in the field of protecting any kind of digital data, since year 2000. StarForce helped to develop some products for AMD Laboratories, IMB, Comco, Buka, Corel, Akella, CINIGA and Russian Railways.

What are the interesting innovations of secure email service called SFLetter?

An email service which protects your privacy

An email service which protects your privacy

The main difference between simple email services, like Gmail, Yahoo and others, is that SFLetter not only encrypts your emails and attachments, it also restricts the email from forwarding, or captured by “Print Screen” button. In order to view the attachments or protected emails, the recipient has to download the special Viewing Software, which is at the moment is only available for computers running on Windows operating system.

Also, the technical aspect of the SFLetter service differs. Every user can track their emails in log of action, stored in “email opening history” section. When you send your email, it automatically encrypts and in order to decrypt it, the recipient receives one-time registration code, which is connected with a certain PC and Viewing Software.

Currently SFLetter secure email service is in BETA version only, so that storage is limited to 500MB and you can’t send the same email to more than 3 recipients.
More information about the service is available on the official website: https://sfletter.com/?_lng=en&_action=faq

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