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XML crud operations using php

Hi friends,In this post i would like to explain about curd operations ( add, edit and delete ) data using xml file. It is simple to maintain and rapid in the operations, it will be useful when simple operations required.
Below code explain the how to insert , edit , view and delete operations using database and xml format.

xml crud operations using php | Anil Labs

xml crud operations using php | Anil Labs

Connection establish :

Mysql :

   $con = mysql_connect('Server Host Name','User Name' ,'Password');
   mysql_select_db('Database name',$con);


   $xml = simplexml_load_file("users.xml"); //This line will load the XML file.
   $sxe = new SimpleXMLElement($xml->asXML());

View the details:


    <?php $query   = "SELECT * FROM users";
          $result  = mysql_query($query);
          while($resUsers = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){
            echo $resUsers['name']
          } ?>


     $rows = count($sxe);
       echo  ($sxe->users[$i]->name);

Insert the details:


    $query = "insert into users(id,name)values($id,'$name')";
    $result = mysql_query($quesry);


    $no_rows = count($sxe);
    $query = $sxe->addChild("users");  
    $query->addChild("id", $no_rows+1);
    $query->addChild("name",  ($name));

Edit the details:

Mysql :

    $query = "select * from users where id=".$edit_id;
    //and update query :
    $query_update = "update users set name = '$name' where id=$edit_id";
    $result = mysql_query($query_update);


    <?php $rows = count($sxe);
    for($i = 0, $length = $rows; $i < $length; $i++){
       if($sxe->users[$i]->id == $edit_id){ ?>
       <input value="<?php echo $sxe->users[$i]->name;?>">
       <? }


    $rows = count($sxe);
    for($i = 0, $length = $rows; $i < $length; $i++){
         if($sxe->users[$i]->id == $edit_id){
            $sxe->users[$i]->name =  ($name);

Delete the details:

Mysql :

    $query = "delete from users where id=".$edit_id;
    $result = mysql_query($query);


    $rows = count($sxe);
    for($i = 0, $length = $rows; $i < $length; $i++){
        if($sxe->users[$i]->id == $edit_id){


CREATE TABLE `users` (
`name` VARCHAR( 250 ) NOT NULL

XML File:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
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    one xml min 200000 or 500000 record please guide me

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