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Now a days maintaining backup files very difficult with small changes in the file. Example If we taken file and backup it and done few changes in that file. After few days if we look into that file,it is difficult us to identify at which part we changed in the new file when compare to old backup file.

So, to avoid such types of difficulties we can implement SVN(Subversion).

Follow the below steps to work with svn:

1) Download the svn software from http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads

and install in your system

2) Create a repository :

a) For free account go to http://www.unffuddle.com and create an account

b) Create a repository and it will produce svn URL.

3) Create an checkout folder in your system and do the following
a) svn checkout:

– URL of repository

– checkout repository

Once we done previous points then it will create .svn hidden folder in your checkout directory.

b) Just place files or folders into checkout directory.

c) Select particular file or folder in the checkout directory and right click and commit it. It will ask for commit message for future reference.

Note : If all files are committed then that file or folder has green light image on it. If we change the any file then it will convert into red light image hover to that file.All changes are done then again commit it with a commit message.

SVN screenshots : Anil Labs

SVN screenshots : Anil Labs

Hope that it will be useful.

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