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How to install Joomla in the localhost?

How to install joomla at the localhost:

1) Download the latest version of from the URL http://www.joomla.org

2) Unzip the zip file which is downloaded from the site.

3) Just place the unzip to your root folder called www.

4) Open the browser and run the file like


It is redirect to http://localhost/joomla/installation/

5) Make sure that you should create a database for this site.

6) Go for the next steps in the browser

7) Give the database details and click on “install the sample data” button to sample can install into your site otherwise any empty will be appearing.

8 ) If there is a sample data means that we can know how to manage that data. After the medication we can delete that data.

9) Give the admin username, password , and email.

10) After installation process we remove the installation folder from the www .

11) Now your site address : http://localhost/joomla/

12) The admin panel for the site is:


Username: admin

Password: ******* (what we given during at install)

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