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Difference Between osCommerce And X-Cart

What is X-Cart?

  • It is shopping cart software. It is easy to update and customization of layouts.
  • We can easily maintain the static pages.
  • We can maintain as seo friendly urls from the admin panel option.
  • We can give meta keywords and meta description for each page and each products for the front end ,we can maintain from the admin section
  • It uses the smarty code for layouts.
  • All texts are stored in the database.
  • It uses built in WYSIWYG text editor for editing the contents of the static pages.
  • Most of the payment gateways are used.
  • Easily to install.

Installation Procedure:

PHP Sever configuration:

PHP version
Version 4.1.0 – 5.x.

php.ini settings

Required values:

safe_mode = off
file_uploads = on
magic_quotes_sybase = off
sql.safe_mode = off
allow_url_fopen = on
ini_set = on
memory_limit >= 16M

Recommended values:

disable_functions = NULL
post_max_size >= 2M
upload_max_filesize >= 2M
max_execution_time >= 30
memory_limit >= 32M
max_input_time >= 30

MySQL configuration
MySQL version
Supported versions: 3.23 – 5.X
Recommended version: 4.1.22

Add the line in the php.ini file before the Zend extensions:

zend_extension_ts = C:\AppServ\php5\ioncube_loader_win_5.1.dll
  • Create a mysql database for the x-cart shopping cart, and then give the details while installs the database.
  • Layout Settings: By default layout is Light & Lucid .We can modify that option.

After completed the installation please make the

In this case, we will need to either rename the file install.php manually or remove it from the web-accessible directory keeping a copy of the file in a safe place. To next time install the software.

The Main difference of osCommerce and X-Cart

Difference Between osCommerce And X-Cart by Anil Kumar Panigrahi

Difference Between osCommerce And X-Cart by Anil Kumar Panigrahi

  • osCommerce is a shopping cart which is using php/mysql. And X-cart is a PHP/MySQL-based web application using smarty.
  • In X-Cart, all contents are stored in the data base. Where as in osCommerce all contents are stored in files.
  • There is option for set SEO friendly urls in X-Cart, in osCommerce We have to write code for it or search for the contribution
  • Maintain the static pages in the X-cart from the admin panel, where as in the osCommerce we have to write code for it, there is no such options.
  • In osCommerce Mainly two interfaces are there one is for front end and another for admin panel. In X-Cart Gold there is two interfaces called front end and admin section. For the X-cart PRO having the three interfaces called customer section, admin section and provider section.
  • There is an extra feature called news management in X-cart to manage the news, which is not having in the osCommerce.
  • Most of the payment gateways are included in the admin section in the X-cart but we have very few gateways in osCommerce but new gateways we have to search for contributions.

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